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Product Information

Product name

Nanoactive Lift

INCI Names

Water, Acetyl Dipeptide-1 Cetyl Ester, Phospholipids, Plectranthus barbatus root extract

Molecular Formula




Quality Standard

99% up


Colorless to light beige / Odorless


100% soluble in water and oil

COA of Nanoactive Lift

Test items




Colorless to light beige






5.0 - 8.0


Micorbiological Properties:

Aerobic plate

100 CFU/g

21 CFU/g

Yeast & Molds

10 CFU/g

1 CFU/g

Escherichia coli presence







Function of Nanoactive Lift
Anti-aging focus on eye care products, 73% of the eye care products have claimed to be anti-aging. 62% of eye care products have claimed they can reduce wrinkles and fine lines.


NanoLift is composed by plectranthus barbatus root extract and synthetic peptide acetyl dipeptide-1 cetyl ester combined with nanotechnology, which has fast penetration and efficiency. Significant improvement in wrinkles can be observed immediately after using.


The chemical compositions of plectranthus barbatus is diverse and has been

isolated from roots and overground parts, including terpenoids, flavones, sterols, volatile oils, etc. Nano Lift used the root extract of plectranthus barbatus.


Acetyl dipeptide-1 cetyl ester has very good stimulation effect on the synthesis of elastin. In vitro research,  Nano Lift has bounced deposition of elastin fiber and elastin to 94% in the extracellular matrix. Nano Lift acts on each stage of elastic tissue formation. Elastic tissue does not only have elastic proteins, but also made up of a variety of proteins.


Features of Nano Lift

1. Nano Lift has good thermal, pH and shear stability, easy to use.

2. Nano Lift has significantly improved the stability and bioavailability.

3. Nano Lift can greatly enhance the absorption.

4. Nano Lift is 100 % water soluble and 100% oil soluble (amphipathy) with wide range of application.

5. The raw material of Nano Lift meet the FDA GRAS standard


Product Efficacy


1. Instantly lift the facial contour

2. Long-term protection against skin sagging

3. Improve wrinkles around the eyes

4. Repair wrinkles on neck

5. tightness, slimming

The normal operation of the nervous system will not be affected after Nano Lift acts on the synapses. Nano Lift has a quick effect on emoticons. 

Nano Lift adjusts dosage according to the effects. It improves wrinkles and facial expressions lines through neuromuscular interactions -Nano Lift won't paralyze muscles. The effect lasts for more than 8 hours. After 8 hours, users can still feel crow's-feet fewer and skin is tighter than before.

Using the cream containing 4% Nano Lift on women aged 54 to 75 with sagging skin for a month, as shown in the picture, the smile lines were significantly reduced.

80% of the test people have stronger skin after using the cream with 4% Nano Lift.The problems of skin flabby, droopy and furrow depth have been improved.


Product use:

Add at 45 ℃

Recommended Quantity: 1-10%. The system should avoid ferrous divalent and trivalent metal ions

Product storage: avoid light preservation under 25 ℃

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