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Nano Active Series
Nanotechnology is a high-tech developed at the end of the last century. It is a science and technology that uses a single atom or molecule to make matter. The properties and applications of materials with structural sizes ranging from 0.1 to 100 nanometers were investigated.

Nanotechnology is used to treat cosmetic raw materials, and the cosmetic active substances are encapsulated in ultrafine particles with a diameter of only tens of nanometers (Liposome Capsulized Technology). On the one hand, the active substance can be effectively protected, and the utilization and stability of nutrition and medicine can be improved; On the other hand, the active substance is made to have good solubility, and the rate of release is effectively controlled, and the release time is prolonged. By using nanotechnology, the active ingredients of the cosmetics can be smoothly penetrated into the inner layer of the skin to nourish the deep cells, thereby exerting skincare and skin-care effects with half the effort.

In addition, nanotechnology can also be widely used in the field of food additives. On the one hand, nanometer materials have good absorption, ultrastructure and dispersivity, which can improve the activity and bioavailability of foods, thereby reducing the amount of additives; On the other hand, the slow release effect of the nanoparticles can slowly release the active ingredients in the human body to maintain a long-lasting effect, while avoiding the side effects of the functional ingredients and improving the stability and safety of the food.
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