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In the 1980s, almost all peptides in clinical trials were less than 10 amino acids in length. Due to the continuous maturation and improvement of peptide synthesis technology, the average length of peptides gradually increased. At present, long peptide chains up to 40 amino acids in length can also be successfully developed.

From natural extraction to artificial synthesis, peptides have shown unique advantages in clinical application and production and preparation methods. In clinical practice, peptide drugs are similar to recombinant protein drugs and monoclonal antibodies, and have the advantages of strong specificity and good efficacy. In terms of production and preparation methods, peptide drugs are close to small molecule drugs, with high purity, controllable quality, and easy structure. With certain characteristics, peptide therapy has been considered as a highly selective, effective and relatively safe potential therapy. The world's most representative peptide are liraglutide, duraglutide, glatiramer, leuprolide, octreotide, goserelin and exenatide.
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