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Benefiting from the rapid growth of China's economy and the reform of the medical system, API manufacturers in China have rapidly improved their process technology, production quality, and registration and certification capabilities in the drug administration market, and their production scale continues to increase.
China's API products can be generally divided into three categories of bulk APIs, Featured APIs and patented APIs: (1) Bulk APIs include anti-infectives, vitamins, hormones and other large tonnages that do not involve patent issues Traditional chemical API. (2) Featured APIs include specialty chemical APIs represented by antihypertensive, antitumor, central nervous and hypoglycemic, which are mainly used to produce generic drugs whose patents are due or are about to expire, and have broad development prospects. (3) Patented pharmaceutical raw materials refer to the pharmaceutical active ingredients used in the manufacture of original drugs (patented drugs or innovative drugs), which mainly meet the clinical research, registration approval and commercialization of innovative drugs of international original drug companies and emerging biopharmaceutical companies. Demand at various stages of chemical sales, which also includes advanced intermediates that are used to produce the API but need to be supervised by regulatory authorities.
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