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Nanoactive Soy Isoflavones (ISO) 574-12-9

Nanoactive Soy Isoflavones (ISO) 574-12-9

5% by HPLC
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Product Information

Product name

NanoActive Soy isoflavones (ISO)



Quality Standard

5% by HPLC


 Yellow, viscous and transparent liquid

COA of NanoActive Soy Isoflavones





Light yellow, viscous liquid


Diluted in water (1: 50)

Colorless or light yellow and transparent solution



Characteristic Smell


Assay (HPLC)



pH (in 1:50 aqueous solution)



Density (20ºC)

1.0 – 1.1 g/cm3


Heavy Metal




Soluble in water and oil, heated to over 40 ℃,


dissolution rate will be accelerated

Total aerobic bacteria

< 10 CFU/g


Molds and Yeasts

< 10 CFU/g


pathogenic bacteria



Conclusion:  Conformed to specification.


Isoflavone is one of the flavonoids, which mainly exist in legumes and is a class of secondary metabolites grown in soybeans. It is also called phytoestrogens because of its similar structure to estrogen. It can recover the deficiency of female estrogen secretion after 30 years old, improve skin moisture and elasticity, slow down menopause syndrome and improve osteoporosis, which regains female youthful charm. Soy isoflavones have been shown the functions of anti-aging, and hormone-like effect without side-effects. But because soy isoflavones are not water-soluble,

making it difficult to be used in cosmetics. NanoActive ISO is a new generation carrier of 4% soybean isoflavones, which turns soybean isoflavones into a completely water-soluble form. By improving solubility, NanoActive ISO could infiltrate into the skin easily, and play a comprehensive role of soy isoflavones
NanoActive ISO is the inclusion of 4% soy isoflavones in the polar lipid layer and lipophilic nuclei of sodium, with a particle size of less than 30nm developed by the nano-delivery system (NSD),  completely solve the problems of dissolution of isoflavones. soy isoflavones that stably wrapped in nano-carriers can greatly increase the absorption efficiency and bioavailability
NanoActive ISO IS Suitable for application in transparent hydrogels system.

Features of NanoActive Soy Isoflavones (ISO)

1. NanoActive Soy Isoflavones (ISO)  has good thermal, pH and shear stability, easy to use.|
2.NanoActive Soy Isoflavones (ISO) has significantly improved the stability and bioavailability of Soy Isoflavones (ISO).
3. NanoActive Soy Isoflavones (ISO) can greatly enhance the absorption.
4.NanoActive T Soy Isoflavones (ISO) is 100 % water soluble and 100% oil soluble (amphipathic) with the wide range of application.
5. The raw material of NanoActive Soy Isoflavones (ISO) meet the FDA GRAS standard

Product Efficacy:

Soy isoflavones have estrogen-like activity and have major skin benefits:
1. Remove oxygen free radical,anti-aging: promote skin cell metabolism, maintain skin elasticity. Prevent the mature skin from degeneration due to lack of hormones
2. Whitening: inhibit tyrosinase, weaken chloasma and black spots
3. Remove free radicals to fight oxidation and anti-skin aging
4. Remove wrinkles: promote collagen synthesis
5.Breast enhancement and Skin tightening: Phytoestrogens supplement the body's estrogen
6. Androgen inhibition: Reduce oil secretion (acne skin), inhibit hair growth (depilation) on the arms and legs and promote scalp hair growth (hair thinning)

NanoActive soy isoflavones increase skin thickness

Improve skin moisture

Improve skin firmness

Applications of NanoActive Soy Isoflavones (ISO):
Anti-wrinkle and anti-aging cream, whitening, removing spots, removing wrinkles, nourishing hair, hair growth, hair removal cream
Recommended Quantity: 1-3%, equal to 0.04-0.12% of soy isoflavones
Solubility: water and oil
PH: 2-6
Thermal stability: stable
Electrolyte stability: no known incompatibility
Operation suggestion: add water at 1:9 ratio and heat it up to 90℃ until it becomes the transparent solution. And then add it to the recipe.
Product storage: avoid light preservation under 25 ℃

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