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This Substance in Broccoli is Three Times Higher in Cancer Resistance and can Prolong Life This Substance in Broccoli is Three Times Higher in Cancer Resistance and can Prolong Life

Aging not only means that the limit is approaching, but also brings cancer, senile dementia and other symptoms, so "immortality" has always been a human dream. In recent years, a magical anti-aging substance has attracted the continuous attention of the scientific community. The key is that broccoli, avocado and other fruits and vegetables are rich in this substance!

Where did the "elixir of immortality" come from?

NMN, nicotinamide mononucleotide, is the precursor of NAD + and its function is embodied by NAD +. NAD + is also known as coenzyme I (found earlier, and very important to the human body, so it is called coenzyme 1), nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, there are thousands of reactions in every cell.

Nicotinamide mononucleotides are known as "elixirs of longevity" from a series of studies at Harvard Medical College: Within a week of intake of NMN, older mice (about 60-70 years of age) miraculously recovered to the state of young mice (about 20 years of age of human), reversed the aging indicators of mice, and prolonged the life span of mice by 20%. Since then, NMN has been called the "elixir of longevity".

A study published in Cell by Harvard Medical College in March 2018 confirmed that compared with mice taking NMN, the exercise ability of mice taking NMN increased by 56%-80%, and the capillary number and density of mice taking NMN returned to normal after 20 months (approximately 70 years of age in human years).

The cost of NMN is a cup of coffee a day, which is similar to the current price of 25 yuan a day (less than 40 years old); now there are various health products on the market, either without rigorous scientific proof or with the "placebo" effect. The natural substances in broccoli and avocado not only have been scientifically verified by many well-known journals, but also have been proved to have many benefits in practice. It is believed that with the further expansion of production scale and the continuous efforts of scientists, this natural anti-aging substance can truly enter the people's homes and benefit everyone.

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