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The Functions of NMN The Functions of NMN

Since the anti-aging function of nicotinamide mononucleotides (NMN) has been emphasized, a large number of basic studies on nicotinamide mononucleotides have appeared on Nature/Cell and Science, and more of their functions have been revealed.

In fact, anti-aging and adversity is only one of the many functions of NMN. NMN can improve a series of age-related chronic diseases, such as senile dementia, Parkinson's disease, and cardiovascular disease. A series of top journals, such as Cell, Science and Nature, reveal a series of functions of NMN.

1. Anti-aging

2. NMN can activate longevity protein Sirtuins 1-7
Improve sleep, memory, anti-aging; delay aging

3. DNA Repair
Supplementary NMN can repair DNA of radiation-damaged cells

4. Diabetes
Effective intervention for type 2 diabetes caused by diet and youth

5. Enhancing Endurance
NMN promotes fat decomposition, increases athletic endurance, and supplements NAD + increase skeletal muscle formation and mitochondrial oxidative metabolism.

6. Neurocognition
NMN can reduce brain cell death and oxidative stress, which further proves the protective effect of NMN on nervous system.

7. NMN Restoration of Mitochondrial Function

8.Repair of cognitive impairment by NMN

9. NMN significantly increased the level of cardiac NAD + and protected the heart from I/R damage.

10. NMN reduces oxidative stress and represents a new strategy for the treatment of arterial aging.

11. NMN can reduce myocardial inflammation.

12. Relieving Alcohol and Protecting Liver
NMN can promote alcohol metabolism and enhance human tolerance to alcohol.

13.Protection of eyesight
NMN prevents degeneration of photoreceptor cells and restores visual acuity and rescues retinal disorders.

14. Protection of Hearing
Increasing NAD + levels in ear neurons and tissues may provide protection against traumatic hearing loss.

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