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Cosmetic Peptide

Cosmetic Peptide

The cosmetic peptide is a small molecule collagen of degradation and contains the amino acid group, usually consisting of 2-10 amino acids. The peptide is also an existing component of the human body. It's a chain structure composed of amino acids. At present, there are three common peptides, five peptides, and even nine peptides. The peptide involves hormones, nerves, cell growth and reproductive areas of the human body. Its importance lies in adjusting the physiological functions of various systems and cells, activating the related enzymes in the body, and promoting the permeability of intermediate metabolic membranes; Or it creates a specific physiological effect eventually produced by controlling the transcription of DNA or affecting specific protein synthesis. At present, the bioactive peptide has become a new direction and idea of the cosmetics research, development, and application creating good effects in anti-aging, anti-allergy, repairing, anti-oxidation, anti-edema, promoting hair regeneration, inhibiting melanin production, breast enhancement, and weight loss. Our company offers a quality assurance and great price advantage in these crude drugs.
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