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NMN Anti-Aging Products in the United States, will Open the Era of Longevity? NMN Anti-Aging Products in the United States, will Open the Era of Longevity?

Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) is the first serious scientific research achievement in the world that can significantly reverse aging and prolong life span by rigorous scientific verification. It was initially discovered by David Sinclair Laboratory of Harvard University in 2014. The earliest data show that NMN is a key precursor of coenzyme NAD + in vivo. NAD + is not only an important raw material for DNA repair system in cells, but also a key link factor between nucleus and mitochondria responsible for energy synthesis. At the same time, the content of NAD + in human body is closely related to the activity of sirtuins protein family, which can prolong life span and inhibit aging. However, because of its high molecular weight, NAD + can not be ingested into cells orally, and it mainly depends on intracellular synthesis.

Early experiments in 2014 found that NMN could effectively compensate for the decline of NAD + content in the body caused by aging, and significantly inhibit aging-induced metabolic decline, weight gain and osteoporosis. NMN has also been found to be effective in preventing retinopathy caused by aging and improving neurological function.
From 2016 to 2018, Harvard University, Washington University and Kyeong University of Japan evaluated in detail the anti-aging effects of NMN from the perspectives of reversing muscle atrophy, improving physical fitness, inhibiting cognitive decline caused by aging, reversing vascular death and protecting cardiovascular and cerebrovascular functions. The results showed that NMN had a comprehensive and significant effect in inhibiting aging. For example, in a recent study published in March 2018 in Cell, NMN successfully reversed vascular death and muscle atrophy in older animals, and greatly enhanced their exercise endurance. The physical strength and explosive power of the elderly animals taking NMN were more than 60% of those of the same age animals not taking NMN, and even exceeded the level of youth. Most surprisingly, the rise in NAD + from oral NMN can prolong the life span of experimental animals similar to humans by more than 30%.

Throughout the market, in order to cater to people's eternal pursuit of eternal youth and immortality, products with anti-aging as a gimmick emerge in endlessly. The hype of various pseudo-science and false concepts makes people endless and dazzling. However, in terms of reversing aging and prolonging life span, products based on rigorous scientific confirmation have never really appeared. The emergence of nicotinamide mononucleotides may indicate that in the context of vigorous development of life sciences in the 21st century, the era of longevity of mankind will finally come.

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