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L-glutathione Reduced in the Prevention of Vascular Dementia L-glutathione Reduced in the Prevention of Vascular Dementia

For patients with vascular dementia caused by acute ischemic stroke, clinical treatment is generally treated with intravenous infusion of 20% mannitol, potassium magnesium aspartate, sodium ozagrel and other drugs. If the glutathione 1.8 g intravenous infusion is added on the basis of the above drug treatment once a day, 2 weeks is a course of treatment. Patients treated with glutathione after 2 weeks of treatment were significantly superior to conventionally treated patients in terms of BEAM, neurological deficits, and viability. At the same time, glutathione can also improve cell function and reduce tissue damage, helping patients to restore learning function. The patient has no adverse reactions during use, has high safety and good tolerance, and does not affect heart rate, blood pressure and renal function.
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