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Is NMN Suitable for All People? Is NMN Suitable for All People?

As nicotinamide mononucleotides (NMN) have been proved safe and effective by more and more scientific research, consumers have begun to believe in and choose to buy NMN products. The question is whether NMN is suitable for everyone?

It is proved by the science, our body will undergo a series of degenerative changes when we are old , all physiological and biochemical functions of our body are completely degraded. Among these changes, the decrease of the level of nicotinamide adenine nucleotide (NAD+, coenzyme I) in our cells is one of the key factors.

Normally, with the gradual increase of age after 25 years old, the body produces less NAD + and the interaction between mitochondria and nuclei is weakened. Decreased levels of NAD+ lead to hypoxia in cells, which hinders the interaction between mitochondria and nuclei and reduces the ability of cells to produce energy. Aging and disease are key factors for many age-related dysfunctions and diseases, such as memory loss, cardiovascular impairment, low immunity, poor sleep quality, energy loss, constipation, hair loss and appetite. Depression and so on. Scientists have now confirmed the direct link between the decline of NAD + and aging and disease in animal and human studies.

NMN is the precursor of coenzyme NAD + and the most direct and effective way to supplement NAD +. The older you get, the more NAD + decreases, the more you need to take NMN to supplement NAD +.

Generally speaking, in addition to pregnant women and breast-feeding consumers, can be taken in accordance with the prescribed dose for a long time. However, it is particularly important to note that when consumers need to take NMN products before cancer surgery, because of individual differences, their physical condition is uncertain, it is suggested to ask their doctor in charge first to consider whether to take NMN products and related doses according to doctor's advice, and it is better not to take NMN products without authorization.

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