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How to increase your resistance

How to increase your resistance


The body's resistance is related to the various functions of our body. If the resistance of our body declines, it will have a greater impact on our physical health. Do you know which dietary supplements can help us increase our resistance in daily life?

NO.1 Echinacea

Quickly enhance immunity and resist viruses
Echinacea is known as the western "Branch Root" and has been popular for more than 100 years. It contains a variety of active ingredients, such as polysaccharides, flavonoids, volatile oils, etc. These chemicals help to strengthen the immune system and effectively resist bacterial and viral infections. Echinacea can increase the activity of macrophages and greatly increase the lethality of bacteria, viruses or other infection sources and even cancer cells; it can also promote the production of interferon, thereby helping the body to fight virus attacks, such as colds and flu.
Echinacea also fights Candida infections. German studies have shown that echinacea enhances macrophage vitality and increases the overall number of immune cells to help avoid inflammation caused by Candida infection. At the same time, echinacea can also improve people with chronic fatigue syndrome, because Candida infections usually cause or accompany the appearance of this syndrome.
Expert advice: patients with flu, cold, candidiasis infection and immunocompromised people (trauma, diarrhea) can try to supplement echinacea extract. Children can choose echinacea slurry.

NO.2 Vitamin C (esterified C)
One of the world's recognized anti-cold ingredients
Vitamin C has a great effect on the human body and is currently one of the most commonly used vitamins. For a long time, nutrition experts generally believe that vitamin C is the most simple and effective nutrients to improve immunity. Scientific research shows that vitamin C participates in the synthesis of immune proteins, promotes the vitality of white blood cells and phagocytic cells, and helps improve human immunity. The esterified C is a better vitamin C. Compared with the high loss rate of ordinary vitamin C, the esterified C can be evenly and slowly released in 24 hours through patented technology, which greatly improves the absorption and utilization rate, and removes acidity. Irritation of the stomach.
Experts suggest that those with poor immunity, those who are busy with work and under heavy stress, those who smoke or drink alcohol should increase their vitamin C intake. For people with weak gastrointestinal function and poor immunity, it is recommended to use esterified C with patented technology.

NO.3 Fungal polysaccharide
Booster that activates the immune system
The most noticeable active ingredients contained in fungi are polysaccharides. In recent years, many domestic and foreign scholars have studied it from different angles and found that fungal polysaccharides have the characteristics of high safety and wide function, and are widely used in the diet and medical industries. To sum up its effects on the human body, there are mainly the following points: immunomodulatory effects, antitumor effects, antioxidant effects, etc.
Experts suggest that those who often use the brain should eat more fungal foods, especially fungal polysaccharides. Eating more fungi in patients with hypertension can help lower blood pressure.

NO.4 Spirulina
Natural concentrated nutrition storehouse
Spirulina is a green spiral-shaped natural microalgae. Because it is rich in protein, vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids, polysaccharides and other micronutrients beneficial to the human body, it is recommended by the World Health Organization as "the most ideal human nutrition in the 21st century" . Scientific research has confirmed that Spirulina can enhance physical fitness, protect gastrointestinal health and prevent anemia.
Expert recommendation: busy company white-collar workers, people who lose weight or those with high mental stress, physical overdraft, anemia, poor nutritional status, and irregular diet can supplement spirulina to improve nutritional status and enhance physical fitness; people who travel frequently can choose spirulina The most convenient comprehensive nutritional supplement.

NO.5 Probiotics
Eliminate toxins, promote absorption, and resist viruses
Probiotics are bacteria that are beneficial to the human body. They can be taken directly as food additives to maintain the balance of intestinal flora. The functions of probiotics are: 1. Promote intestinal digestive health. 2. Regulate immune function. 3. Prevent or improve diarrhea.

Expert advice: probiotic supplementation for people with poor immune / gastrointestinal function, frequent diarrhea, lactose intolerance, and frequent constipation can effectively improve the physical condition; those who prefer high-fat foods, high blood pressure or high blood lipid supplement Helps control blood lipid levels; those who usually drink less yogurt or dairy products can add probiotics appropriately.

NO.6 Whey protein
Good protein builds good body. Whey protein is the most abundant protein in breast milk, rich in essential amino acids, and its composition is closest to the human body's amino acid pattern, and it is also the most bioavailable protein. Lactoferrin in whey protein can help antioxidant, eliminate or inhibit bacteria, promote normal cell growth and improve immunity.

Expert advice: Supplementing whey protein powder for malnourished people, patients after recovery period, busy company white-collar workers, bodybuilders, sports enthusiasts, frail patients and middle-aged and elderly people will be of great benefit.

NO.7 Selenium
Appropriate selenium supplement, young and healthy
Selenium is an important anti-oxidation and anti-cancer mineral. The results of the medical census show that in areas with high soil selenium content, the cancer incidence of the population is significantly lower than in areas with low selenium content. The results of clinical trials show that selenium can not only resist oxidation and reduce the damage of free radicals to the human body, but also improve immunity and protect the cardiovascular system.

Expert advice: regular drinkers, those with high cholesterol levels, those with high fat intake, and those with poor immune function should pay attention to supplementing selenium.

NO.8 Royal Jelly
All-in-one highly active nutrition saint. Royal jelly is high in protein and contains more than 30 nutrients such as B vitamins and acetylcholine that are beneficial to the human body. Royal jelly can improve human nutrition, help strengthen immunity, strengthen physical strength, help the body resist fatigue, and can also improve neurasthenia.

Experts suggest: middle-aged and elderly people, menopause, poor nutritional status, poor gastrointestinal function, neurasthenia, three high populations and immunocompromised populations should properly supplement royal jelly.

NO.9 Allicin
Natural antibacterial and antiviral
The health function of garlic sterilization and lipid-lowering is almost known. A large number of studies have shown that the main functional ingredient in garlic is allicin, which helps to kill and inhibit a variety of viruses and bacteria. Its antibacterial effect is about 1% of penicillin, without any side effects. It can also increase the number of immune cells in the body, thereby enhancing immunity and effectively preventing infectious diseases.

Experts suggest: people who are frail and sick, prone to diarrhea, unclean diet, who like to eat raw cold dishes, fungal infections, arthritis, high blood pressure, and high blood fat can add garlicin appropriately.

NO.10 Noni juice
Contains cellular repair factor. Xeronine, significantly improve immunity. Noni fruit, also known as "Indian Mulberry", is native to the rich Pacific Islands, Asia and Australia. Noni fruit contains more than 150 nutrients such as Xeronine, active enzymes, nicotine and protein. Xeronine was originally the most important ingredient in noni fruit. According to various data, Celonine can help promote the function of lymphocytes and macrophages, significantly improve immunity, help prevent infection and accelerate recovery after the disease, and also prevent and improve cancer.
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