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Veterinary drugs are substances used for the prevention, treatment, and diagnosis of animal diseases or purposefully regulating the physiological functions of animals (including drug feed additives). Veterinary medicine mainly includes the serum products, vaccines, diagnostic products, micro ecological products, chemicals, antibiotics, biochemical drugs, radioactive drugs and topical insecticide, disinfectant and the like. Veterinary drugs can be classified into four categories: general drugs for disease control; drugs for prevention and treatment of infectious diseases; drugs for prevention and treatment of parasitic diseases in vivo and in vitro; growth-promoting drugs. Among veterinary drugs, there are more than 20 kinds of veterinary drugs commonly used such as analgin, amoxicillin, flufenicol, cefotifura, doxycycline, aureomycin, bacterin, salicycin, morinomycin, and colistin. In the anti-parasitic drugs, in addition to human and animal shared anthelmintic drugs (mebendazole, levamisole, pyrimethamine, etc.), anti-schistosomiasis drugs (antimony agent, nitrofurazone, praziquantel, etc.) (Niclosamide, etc.), livestock and poultry are anti-liver fistula drugs (nitrate, triclochloraz), trypanosomiasis, prevention and treatment of pest worm disease (cone test, suramin, imidazole card P & E, etc.) and sarcacasin (organophosphate insecticide).

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