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Haemorrhoids Medicine Haemorrhoids Medicine

A hemorrhoid is a blockage of haemorrhoid venous congestion that forms one or more soft masses (hemorrhoids). The treatment of hemorrhoids is that as long as blood stasis in the hemorrhoids is solved, the haemorrhoid vein will no longer be unimpeded and hemorrhoids will be cured. The diet and lifestyle adjustment, combined with the hemorrhoids drugs, is the major way to treat hemorrhoids. There are many drugs to treat hemorrhoids, and in the API, the commonly used is the diossimin/hesperidin. Diosmin is used to enhance intravenous tension drugs and vasodilators. First of all, for the venous system, this product is extended. Adrenaline acts on the contractile time of the wall of the vein, thus enhancing the tension of the veins. For microcirculation, this product can reduce the permeability of capillaries and enhance their resistance. For the lymphatic system, this product increases the velocity of lymphatic drainage and the contractile function of the lymphatic vessels to improve the lymphatic reflux and reduce the edema. It has a variety of symptoms related to the treatment of venous and lymphatic insufficiency (such as venous edema, soft tissue swelling, heavy limbs, numbness, pain, morning distension and discomfort, thrombophlebitis and deep vein thrombosis syndrome). The treatment of various symptoms of acute onset of hemorrhoid (such as hemorrhoids, varicose veins caused by anal wet, itching, hematochezia, pain and other symptoms of the acute attack of internal hemorrhoids) has good curative effects.

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