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Antilipemic Antilipemic

Blood lipids is an important substance in the human body and there are many very important functions, but cannot exceed a certain range. If too much blood lipid, it's easy to cause "blood thick", depositing on the wall of blood vessels, gradually forming small patches (that is, we often say "atherosclerotic plaque"). When these "plaque" increase and gradually plug blood vessels which cause the blood flow slower or even break off.

Antilipemic drugs are drugs that reduce the level of blood lipids. Blood lipids is the general name of neutral fats in plasma (triglycerides and cholesterol) and lipids (phospholipids, lipids, sterols, steroids), which are widely used in the human body. They are the essential metabolites of living cells. Generally, the main ingredient in blood lipids is triglycerides and cholesterol. About high blood lipids, when it occurs in different people, due to the differences between individuals, even if the same drug applies, but also need a comprehensive balance. A treatment program cannot be applied to all people. In general clinical treatment, it doesn't lay too much emphasis on the etiology and classification of high blood lipids, but according to a simple type of high blood lipid classification of the different types to select drugs. There are a lot of antilipemic drugs in common clinical, which can be divided into five categories: statins, fibrates, nicotinic acid, bile chelating agents, cholesterol absorption inhibition.
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