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Anti-Viral Anti-Viral

The virus is the smallest among pathogenic microbes. Its core contains nucleic acid (RNA/DNA) and the replicating enzyme, besieged outside by a protein shell and membrane. The virus itself has no cellular structure, lacks a complete enzyme system, and must depend on host cells and their enzymes to reproduce (replicate). Antiviral drugs are a class of drugs used to prevent and treat viral infections. In vitro, it can inhibit virus replication or reproduction in infected cells or animal bodies, and treat virus disease effective drugs in the clinical operation. According to the mechanism of antiviral drugs, the current antiviral drugs can be divided into the following types.
  • Penetration and uncoating inhibitors: amantadine, rimantadine, enfuvirtide, Mara Vee Lo
  • DNA polymerase inhibitors: ganciclovir, valaciclovir, facoxiclovir, and phosphonoformate
  • Reverse transcriptase inhibitors: Nucleoside(Lamivudine, Zidorf, enitabine, adefovir); Non nucleosides(efavirenz and nevirapine)
  • Protein inhibitors: Shah Que Bernard Vee
  • Neuraminidase inhibitors: oseltamivir and zanamivir.
  • Broad-spectrum antiviral drugs: ribavirin, interferon.
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