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Anti-Diabetic Agent Anti-Diabetic Agent

Diabetes is a chronic disease characterized by glucose metabolism disorder caused by absolute or relative lack of insulin or reduced sensitivity of target cells to insulin. The occurrence of type 2 diabetes is caused by both peripheral insulin resistance and dysfunction of beta-cells. If the blood glucose content was still out of control after the diet treatment, exercise therapy and health education, drug treatment would be needed. Hypoglycemic chemical drugs can be broadly divided into oral drugs and injected drug. At present, oral hypoglycemic drugs commonly used in China are insulinotropic agents, metformin, α-glycosidase inhibitors, thiazolidinedione derivatives and DDP-4 enzyme inhibitors, etc. Insulinotropic agents, to be more specific, are subdivided into sulfonylureas and non-sulfonylureas (glinides). Drugs under the classification of injected hypoglycemic drugs are insulin, GLP-1 receptor agonists and so forth. It is more complicated to classify traditional Chinese drugs. To simply classify them, unilateral and compound preparations are two main types according to the composition of the drugs.
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