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  • Treatment of Hypertension with Losartan PotassiumTreatment of Hypertension with Losartan Potassium2018/08/14Losartan potassium is a long acting and safe antihypertensive drug for treating hypertension. It can significantly reduce the overall risk of cardiovascular death, myocardial infarction and stroke in ...view
  • Functions of Losartan Potassium to Reduce Uric AcidFunctions of Losartan Potassium to Reduce Uric Acid2018/08/12Nowadays, many patients with elevated blood pressure have the symptoms of high uric acid. A series of studies have shown that high uric acid is associated with high blood pressure: If the level of blo...view
  • Purification Method of MupirocinPurification Method of Mupirocin2018/08/10Mupirocin is highly favored because of no cross-resistance with other antibiotics. The demand for mupirocin is large in the world. At present, the demand in the market is about 13 tons at home and abr...view
  • Mupirocin in the Treatment of FolliculitisMupirocin in the Treatment of Folliculitis2018/08/09There was no cross-resistance of other antibiotics in the mupirocin. Compared with other commonly used antibiotics in Department of Dermatology, Mupirocin Ointment maintained sensitivity to sensitive ...view
  • Mupirocin in the Treatment of Paranasal Sinus DiseasesMupirocin in the Treatment of Paranasal Sinus Diseases2018/08/08Bacteria may form papules and boils in every nostril opening (nasal vestibule), known as vestibulitis and nasal vestibular furuncle.Nasal vestibulitis: a slight infection at the opening of the nose ca...view
  • Adverse Reactions of Losartan PotassiumAdverse Reactions of Losartan Potassium2018/08/08Antihypertensive drugs have many kinds of drugs and all of them are widely used. It is very important to treat these patients according to their individual conditions and correctly choose the drugs to...view
  • Mupirocin for EczemaMupirocin for Eczema2018/08/07Eczema is a common skin disease in daily life. It can occur at any age stage. Severe itching is the main symptom. At the early or acute stage, the affected area will have patches of erythema, dense or...view
  • Mupirocin PowderMupirocin Powder2018/08/06Name: MupirocinOther names: Bactroban; Mupirocinum; Bactroban Nasal; Pseudomonic acid; 9-[(E)-4-[(2S,3R,4R,5S)-3,4-dihydroxy-5-[[(2S,3S)-3-[(2S,3S)-3-hydroxybutan-2-yl]oxiran-2-yl]methyl]oxan-2-yl]-3-...view
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