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What Is the Role of Reduced Glutathione Tablets for Hepatitis B? What Should We Pay Attention to? What Is the Role of Reduced Glutathione Tablets for Hepatitis B? What Should We Pay Attention to?

For chronic hepatitis B, in addition to inhibiting the replication and spread of hepatitis B virus, it is best to protect the liver, because liver protection can maintain the function of liver cells, so the two can be combined.

The reduced glutathione tablets are mainly used as hepatoprotective drugs for hepatobiliary. Because there are still some people in life who have a certain misunderstanding of this drug, there is still a fear of adverse reactions to this drug. Introduce reduced glutathione tablets based on relevant drug information.

First, the basic knowledge of reduced glutathione tablets

Generic name: Reduced glutathione tablets.
Product Name: Arto Moran and so on.
Indications: It can mainly be used for liver protection of chronic hepatitis B.

The liver, in addition to being the largest digestive organ of the human body, is also an important detoxification organ in the human body. It plays an important role in the normal maintenance of the human body. Liver protection mainly includes reducing liver burden, increasing liver nutrition and improving liver blood supply.

Second, the pharmacological effects of reduced glutathione tablets

The main active ingredient of this drug is glutathione, a tripeptide-based compound containing thiol groups. The component acts as a coenzyme in the human body by activating the redox process and by promoting the production of high energy in the body by participating in the in vivo tricarboxylic acid cycle and sugar metabolism.

In addition, glutathione is also involved in the body to combine with a variety of exogenous, endogenous toxic substances to produce attenuated substances and protect the normal operation of liver cells.

Third, the application of reduced glutathione tablets / taboo population

1. Applicable people

Patients with chronic hepatitis B who require liver protection

2. Taboo people

(1) It is known that patients who are allergic to the ingredients in this drug are prohibited;
(2) The use of special populations such as pregnant women, lactating women, and children is not clear, so consult a doctor before using the medicine.

Fourth, common medication questions and answers

1. What adverse reactions may occur during the administration of this drug?

A small number of patients may experience digestive reactions during medication, such as loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, and upper abdominal pain. Generally, the reaction is light. If the symptoms are aggravated, you should contact the doctor in time.

2. What are the precautions for this medicine for hepatitis B treatment?

Considering the interaction of drugs, reduced glutathione tablets should not be mixed with vitamin B12, vitamin K3, menadione, calcium pantotheate, orotic acid, antihistamines, sulfa drugs and tetracycline.

Patients with chronic hepatitis B can also be more light and nutritious in their usual diet. They should eat more cyan foods such as cucumber, celery, spinach, broccoli, and kelp. At the same time, the greasy, fried, spicy food should be avoided.

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