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What Are the Therapeutic Functions of Reduced Glutathione? What Are the Therapeutic Functions of Reduced Glutathione?

For chronic hepatitis B, in addition to inhibiting the replication and spread of hepatitis B virus, it is best to protect the liver, because liver protection can maintain the function of liver cells, so the two can be combined.

GSH is the most abundant low molecular weight polypeptide in mammalian cells. It is composed of glutamic acid, cysteine and glycine residues and has important physiological functions for the human body. The four functions are as follows:
1. Solve alcohol toxicity and protect the liver.
2. Fight free radicals, resist oxidation; improve the body's immunity.
3. Solve drug toxicity (anti-tumor drugs, anti-tuberculosis drugs, central nervous drugs, acetaminophen and other poisoning), prevent side effects of anticancer drugs, prevent and treat radiation damage.
4. In many states, the human body can reduce the biosynthesis ability of GSH in cells, and the content is decreased, especially under pathological conditions.
The supplement of exogenous GSH can prevent, alleviate, stop, damage the tissue cells and change the pathophysiological process.

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