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What is Mupirocin 12650-69-0? What is Mupirocin 12650-69-0?

Mupirocin is a kind of API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) which is manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline and imported firstly by Shanghai AnHanTe Biomedical Technology Co., LTD. Mupirocin was launched in China in 1993. Over the past 16 years, it has maintained rapidly growth and the market share has been increased rapidly. It is still the GlaxoSmithKline exclusive product till now.
Please see the chemical structure formula on the right:

This product belongs to the medical insurance medicine, which is produced by Tianjin Smith Kline &French Laboratories Ltd.
Indications: skin soft tissue infection caused by the Gram-positive cocci, skin disease primary infection such as impetigo, furuncle, folliculitis, and skin disease secondary infection such as eczema, dermatitis, ulcer, trauma.

Mupirocin is an inhibitor of aminoacyl-tRNA synthase (AaRS) and the exclusive bacterial AaRS inhibitor on the market. It can selectively inactivate bacterial isoleucyl-tRNA synthase (AaRS). These enzymes play a vital role in protein biosynthesis by catalyzing the synthesis of aminoacyl tRNA (aa- rRNA). Once these enzymes are inhibited, the biosynthesis of proteins is forced to stop, which will inevitably cause much slower bacterial growth. Therefore, these enzymes are the target of antibacterial drugs. Mupirocin is a kind of local topical antibiotics. At the present, there is only imported "Bactroban" in the domestic market, which is produced by Tianjin Smith Kline &French Laboratories Ltd. Its sales volume is ranked 8 among exogenous skin infections with annual growth rate of 3-14%. In addition, whether as clinical concomitant drugs or product used alone, the curative effect of this product is superior. The clinical advantages of this product have been confirmed because it is converted from prescription drug to non-prescription.
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