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Treatment of Hypertension with Losartan Potassium Treatment of Hypertension with Losartan Potassium

Losartan potassium is a long acting and safe antihypertensive drug for treating hypertension. It can significantly reduce the overall risk of cardiovascular death, myocardial infarction and stroke in patients with hypertension. Among them, the ability of losartan potassium to reduce the risk of stroke is 25% better than the treatment which is most widely used. It is the first angiotensin receptor antagonist in the market of China's hypertension.

Losartan potassium is the first choice in the treatment of hypertension and diabetes. After several classic medical studies, losartan potassium has 24 hours of strong effect of depressurization. It can reduce blood pressure steadily for a long time, improve the circadian rhythm of blood pressure, protect the heart and kidney. At the same time, losartan potassium can effectively reduce the risk of late nephrosis by 28%. Its safety is very high, which greatly reduces the risk of cerebral apoplexy and disability, and has a good preventive effect.

With regard to the side effects of losartan potassium, clinical trials have found that the drug is well tolerated, and the adverse reactions are mild and brief. It is usually not necessary to stop the treatment. However, in a clinical control study of essential hypertension. The only adverse reaction of losartan potassium tablets which the value of it is higher than the placebo group’s and is related to taking medicine and the incidence rate≥1% is dizziness.

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