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The Second Indication Of Car-t Therapy Of Novartis? The Second Indication Of Car-t Therapy Of Novartis?

In August, Novartis's car-t therapy Kymriah (also known as CTL019) was approved for the treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). It is also the first car-t therapy to be approved.

At this annual meeting of ASH, Novartis will publish its latest data on diffuse large B cell lymphoma (DLBCL).

CAR-T therapy kymriah
In a global phase 2 clinical trial called Juliet, the researchers evaluated the efficacy of CTL019 in patients with recurrent or refractory DLBCL. By march, the trial had recruited 147 patients. 99 patients received single-dose CTL019 infusion. The optimal overall mitigation rate (ORR) for this study was 53.1% (95% CI, 42% - 64%; P <. 0001), The total remission rate (CR) was 39.5% and the partial remission rate (PR) was 13.6%. In the three months after treatment, CR and PR were 32 and 6 per cent respectively, while the figures were 30 per cent and 7 per cent for six monthtreatment.

In terms of risk, 86 per cent of patients had a level 3 or 4 side effects, and 58 per cent had cytokines release syndrome. No deaths have been reported due to CTL019 treatment.
Yesterday Novartis submitted the treatment to the US FDA for the listing of DLBCL.

Wuxi: "Express|the abstract of the annual meeting of ASH, what anticancer progress deserves attention? “

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