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The Role Of L-Carnosine The Role Of L-Carnosine

L-carnosine,the scientific name of β - alanyl-l-histidine, is a kind of dipeptide composed of β - alanine and L-histidine, which is a crystalline solid. Muscle and brain tissue contains a high concentration of L-carnosine. In 1900, Gleditsch, a Russian scholar, first discovered L-carnosine. He isolated L-carnosine from Liebig's meat extract. Many experiments show that L-carnosine can remove ROS and α - β unsaturated aldehydes, which are formed by the excessive oxidation of fatty acids in the cell membrane during oxidative stress. It has a strong antioxidant capacity and is very beneficial to the human body.

Because of its strong antioxidant properties, L-carnosine has been widely used in food, cosmetics and medical fields.

1. New food additives.

2. L-carnosine 305-84-0 is a natural antioxidant with antioxidant properties. The use of L-carnosine in cosmetics can prevent skin from ageing and whitening. L-carnosine can prevent the occurrence of free radicals produced by smoking, which are more harmful to the skin than sunlight. Free radicals are highly active atoms or atomic groups in the human body, which can oxidize other substances in the human body.

3. The light transmittance of the turbid human eye crystal can be enhanced. The anti-oxidation preparation with L-carnosine as the raw material can be used to treat senile cataract.

4. Olfactory nerve sensor, which can promote wound healing, is especially used in oral medicine for surgical treatment.

Chinese factories produce l-l-carnosine, mainly from sodium ethyl xanthate, L-histidine, β - alanyl and other raw materials, through nucleophilic substitution reaction, alkylation of amines, cyclization and other processes to produce l-l-carnosine. The process is relatively simple and suitable for industrial production, so China has great product and price advantages.

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