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The Role Of Ecotoine In Cosmetics The Role Of Ecotoine In Cosmetics

It is a natural protective component of the outer layer of cells of halophilic bacteria in the desert, salt lake and seawater under the environment of high temperature, high UV and high salinity. It has a protective effect on the cells in adversity, so as to protect the microorganisms themselves from the adversity. Hurt. In addition, modern research shows that it is an efficient compressive molecule and an active substance with multiple functions. It has excellent moisturizing and water holding capacity, enhances skin immunity and skin barrier function. It has good repair effect on sunburn, weak cuticle, sensitive skin, damaged skin and other skin problems. It is a bioengineering system often used in high-end cosmetics. Agent. Two main functions of ecoine:

1, repair
Ecotoine-96702-03-3 can effectively improve the immune protection ability of skin cells, increase the ability of cell repair, and make the skin effectively resist the invasion of microorganisms and allergens. The results showed that: econine can resist the damage of UV to the skin and repair the DNA damage caused by UV. Because it can relieve various pressures on the skin: UV damage, skin ageing caused by the dry environment, skin degradation caused by surfactants, etc., as a cell repair, eco one can fight against skin ageing.

2, moisturizing
Ecotoine -03-3 can continuously improve the skin's water-holding capacity, and the skin's water-holding capacity will not immediately drop after stopping use. The skin's water-holding capacity after stopping use for one week is still higher than that of the control group. It's a very good moisturizer. The research shows that econine has a good repair and protection effect on the skin, and it is one of the bioengineering agents used in high-grade cosmetics.

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