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The Mechanism of Nitrofural The Mechanism of Nitrofural

Nifuratel can inhibit acetyl-CoA, interfers with the metabolism of microbial sugars by acting on the microbial enzyme system, thereby it can inhibit the growth of lactobacilli, rebuild the normal ecological balance of the flora, and improve immunity. It can als force and enhance self-purification ability, significantly reduce the recurrence rate and re-infection rate.

Nifuratel powder has a broad-spectrum antimicrobial effect and is active against trichomoniasis, bacteria, Candida albicans. Nystatin powder is a polyene antifungal drug with strong activity against Candida. Nifuratel nystatin has a broad spectrum of activity against fungi, trichomoniasis and bacteria in vitro. There is no negative interaction between the two components. Nifuratel nystatin can provide a safer effect in the treatment of mixed vaginal infections (candida, trichomoniasis and bacteria), which can not confirm the pathogens in time to prevent the occurrence of mold double infection and the recurrence of other drugs.

Nifuratel powder can effectively act on all pathogens causing genitourinary infections, including trichomoniasis, aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, mycoplasma, etc. At the same time, it can effectively protect Lactobacillus vaginalis and quickly restore the acidic environment of the vagina. It is a good choice for treatment.
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