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Synthetic Method of Nifuratel Synthetic Method of Nifuratel

The molecular formula of nifuratel is C10H11N3O5S, the molecular weight is 285.27600, and the CAS number is 4936-47-4.

The chemical name is 5- (methylthiomethyl) -3- ((5-nitrofuran-2-yl) methyleneamino) oxazolidin-2-one.
Nifuratel nystatin is mainly used for the mixed infection of gynecology and it is exclusively developed and produced by Italy's PoLi Chemical Industry Company.

There are two main synthetic methods of nifuratel powder: 1. Methylthio propylene oxide can be obtained by the condensation of methyl mercaptan with epichlorohydrin, and through hydrazinolysis, cyclization and condensation, methylthio propylene oxide becomes nifuratel powder. The disadvantage of this method is that there are many side effects, and methyl mercaptan is not easy to transport, and the yield is not high. 2. Methyl isothiourea was obtained by dimethyl sulfate and thiocarbamide. After alkaline hydrolysis, methyl thio propylene oxide can be obtained by epoxy chloropropane. Methythyl propylene oxide was obtained by hydrazine, cyclization and condensation. The advantage of this method is that there are less side reaction and higher yield, and it can avoid the transportation of methyl mercaptan. The disadvantage of this method is the use of dimethyl sulfate which is violent in toxicity.

Of course, many people have made a lot of improvements in the synthesis of nifuratel powder, and they have achieved good results and progress. Sinoway can provide customized processing services for the synthesis of various organic chemicals. If necessary, you can contact
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