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One Health Age: Which Category Can Borrow Potential One Health Age: Which Category Can Borrow Potential

Pharmaceutical Network December 29 hearing October 25, 2016, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the "Health China 2030" Plan "," Outline "that the people's health should give priority to the development of strategic position," the integration of health into All policies ", social resources tilt to the field of health, from" heavy medical treatment "to" heavy health ". This is undoubtedly a major good for China's health industry.

At the national level, the health industry has risen to an unprecedented strategic height. On the people's livelihood level, health issues are also receiving more and more public attention. Under the dual action of national policy and demand stimulation, the large-scale health industry will gradually become the new engine of economic development with a broader market prospect. Health industry outlet coming, which categories will take advantage of potential?

Vitamin and mineral supplements

Vitamins have now become one of the major bulk products in the international pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets. Relevant data show that by the end of the 20th century, the annual sales of various vitamin raw materials in the fields of medicine, nutraceuticals, food, cosmetics and feed industries reached 2.5 billion U.S. dollars. In the vitamin family, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A has become today's international vitamin market, the three pillars of the product, with annual sales totaling about 20 billion US dollars. In recent years, the natural advantages of vitamin and mineral supplements in health management are evident to all. And, due to higher technical barriers to vitamin industry, significant scale effect, higher productivity, showing an oligopoly pattern. Some analysts pointed out that with the price of vitamins further than expected to enhance the future of the vitamin industry will be further expanded. In addition, against the backdrop of more stringent supply-side reforms and tougher environmental protection, it is very difficult to build new vitamin capacity and the industry competition pattern will gradually solidify. It is expected to create a long-term business cycle.

According to CMH data show that the current domestic sales of vitamins in the top 10 companies, a total scale of 10.73 billion, accounting for 55.59% of the overall scale, the market concentration is higher. Benefiting from the easing of APIs, the three vitamin manufacturers of Northeast Pharmaceutical, Garden Biology and Brother Technology both achieved double-digit growth in net profit in the first half of 2017.


With the improvement of living standards of urban and rural residents in China and the popularization and acceptance of the concept of "calcium supplement", the demand for "calcium supplement" also rises. "Chinese residents nutrition and health monitoring" results show that the average daily intake of urban residents in China is only about 400 mg of calcium, from the Chinese Nutrition Society to develop a recommended intake of 800 mg to 1000 mg far behind, about 90% Serious lack of calcium intake of the crowd. Therefore, calcium has become the primary consumer health care needs. Relevant information shows that at present, China's calcium supplement market has exceeded the market capacity of 10 billion, about 300 brands, the market concentration is higher.

CMH data show that in 2016 China's retail pharmaceutical market sales of calcium preparations reached 10.85 billion yuan, an increase of 2.3%. Kang Yuan Pharmaceutical, Wyeth accounted for more domestic calcium preparations market share, both in the first half performance is quite impressive.

Tonic health class

In recent years, the problem of population aging in our country has been aggravated. It is estimated that by the year 2050, the proportion of the population over the age of 60 will exceed 38%, while the proportion of the elderly in the health care spending will reach more than 33% of the GDP. At the same time, due to the accelerated pace of work and the pressure of work in young people, sub-health problems have become increasingly prominent. Nearly 76% of white-collar workers are in sub-health and 60% are in the state of overwork. Sub-health problems are especially prominent in first-tier cities such as Shanghai. With the improvement of spending power and health awareness, the market for health supplement medicine will continue to improve. Considering that the per capita health spending in the western countries is 6 times of the current level in our country, insiders predict that the scale of the health care market will exceed 10 trillion in the next five years.

CMH monitoring data show that in 2016 China's retail pharmacies health benefits drug market reached 39.4 billion yuan, an average growth rate of 15.5%, of which most are proprietary Chinese medicines in 2016, replenishing health medicine proprietary Chinese medicine market reached 38 billion yuan, Tonic medicines accounted for 35.9% of the total market for Chinese medicine, which accounted for 35.9% of the market. Bushen proprietary Chinese medicines accounted for 26.3%, gynecological preparations 21.08%, psychostimulant 12.1% and immunostimulants 3.8%.

Gynecological medication

In 2015, the female population in our country increased to 670 million, accounting for 48.8% of the total population. Women's life to go through menstruation, marriage, pregnancy, puerperium and menopause, five major physiological changes in the cycle. Due to women's unique physical structure, coupled with the pressure of working life and environmental factors, resulting in a high incidence of gynecological diseases in each physiological cycle. With the economic development and awareness of women's self-care increased, gynecological drug market will be expanded.

CMH data show that in 2013 and 2014, China's gynecological diseases drug market size were 27.735 billion yuan and 30.586 billion yuan, respectively, accounting for 48.4% and 46.7% of the genitourinary system and sex hormone drugs market. Oral contraceptives is a large category of gynecological drug market, the potential can be a major category, the market concentration is higher. Among them, Zizhu Pharmaceutical's levonorgestrel tablet (Yuting) accounted for 20.7% of the domestic oral contraceptive market in 2016, and the brand entered the market earlier with certain brand influence.
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