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New Potential target for Diabetes Treatment New Potential target for Diabetes Treatment

Follicum has announced that it has successfully identified polypeptide binding receptors in insulin-secreting cells. The discovery marks a major milestone in the continued development of the company's diabetes program. It also opens up the potential for targeting the receptor to stimulate insulin secretion and reduce diabetic complications.

In 2015, there were 415 million people with diabetes worldwide, according to the International Diabetes Federation. By 2040, the number is expected to rise to 642 million. Diabetes has become one of the biggest human health crises in the world in the new century. Diabetes is a common endocrine disease in China, which is characterized by excessive or insufficient insulin secretion, leading to hyperglycemia as a typical metabolic disease. Diabetes can cause pathological changes in tissues and organs of the whole body. Chronic hyperglycemia may lead to metabolic disorders in the body. The functional damage or disorder of patients can be manifested in the multilevel aspects of liver and kidney, cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and even nervous system. The greatest danger of diabetes is the complications and it is the main cause of disability and death of diabetes.

The study, carried out by Follicum in collaboration with Dualsystems Biotech, a Swiss proteome specialist, was designed to identify receptors in insulin secreting's cell lines that bind to Follicum's polypeptides. The purpose of the study also included the analysis and optimization of the structure of peptides. This will be used to screen new drug candidates. Experiments have confirmed the existence of receptors which have the potential to become new drug targets for Follicum in the treatment of diabetes. The company will conduct research on the pre-clinical studies of the receptor at the Lund University Center for Clinical Research.

Dr. Jan Alenfall, Chief Executive Officer of Follicum, commented: "Our diabetes program has discovered this receptor, and let's look forward to further research to pave the way for the development of new diabetes drugs. We have recently strengthened our organization. We look forward to working with Lund University. "

Reference: WuXi Pharmac's "Counting Summary of Recent Advances in the Field of Inventory of Diabetes (issue 50). February 7th, 2018

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