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New Drugs For Leukemia In Agios Are Expected To Go Public New Drugs For Leukemia In Agios Are Expected To Go Public

In August, the Idhifa, which came into the market through Agios and Celgene, became the first IDH2 inhibitor. At the annual meeting of ASH, Agios will release clinical data on its innovative IDH1 inhibitor ivosidenib.

IDH1 mutations appear in 6-10% of patients with acute myelogenous leukemia (AML). As a potent selective oral drug, ivosidenib is expected to inhibit the mutant IDH1 protein to treat AML due to this protein mutation. In an early clinical trial, the researchers recruited 125 patients with recurrent or refractory AML.

After receiving treatment for at least 6 months, the proportion of patients who reached complete remission (CR) or total remission - partial hematology recovery (CRh) was 30.4% (95% CI, 22.5%- 39.3%), among them, CR was 21.6% and CRh was 8.8%. In addition, the median remission of these patients was 8.2 months (95% CI, 5.5-12.0), and the median remission of patients was 9.3 months (95% CI, 5.6 to 18.3). The overall remission rate (CR + CRi/CRp+PR+ MLFS) was 41.6% (95% CI, 32.9%-50.8%). Some senior industry analysts believe the data will support the new drug's listing.

Wuxi PharmaTech: "quick delivery| the abstract of ASH's annual meeting is hot, what are the anti-cancer developments that deserve attention?"

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