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High Flu, Egg Allergy Can Vaccinate It? High Flu, Egg Allergy Can Vaccinate It?

Have been vaccinated children know, the doctor will ask have eaten eggs? Not allergic? After inoculation to be closely monitored. The prevailing view is that vaccinations may cause other allergic symptoms in children with egg allergies, such as cough and asthma, but if the child is not vaccinated for egg allergies then the child is at risk for infection and once the infection is very dangerous, parents Weighed against the pros and cons for hesitation.

The recent low temperature haze serious, and coincides with the end of the year, the urban and rural areas return to the flood, the high incidence of influenza is inevitable, with a size of the parents back home may be entangled, children flu vaccine fight or do not fight it? The following news may give you a good reference.

How is the safety of influenza vaccine against egg allergy?

It is reported that US health experts are putting forward a new vaccination guidelines, the guidelines for the influenza vaccine in egg-allergic populations to answer the question, pointed out that people with egg-allergies flu vaccination and no safety differences. The new vaccine guide, published in the Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Almanac in the American journal of immunology, states that it is not even necessary for doctors to inoculate today to ask if they are allergic to eggs. More experts said that fear of trace amounts of protein vaccine caused egg allergy is not based, while the United States 2% of children allergic to eggs.

Why flu vaccine effect is only 10%?

Although this guideline can ease the general public's concern about allergic reactions, the recent egg-based production method has been significantly affected. A group of experts estimated a while ago that the effectiveness of the 2017 flu vaccine was only 10%, pointing out that this may be related to the vaccine manufacturing process, which has not changed much in decades. The team posted its findings in the medical journal New England Journal of Medicine commentary stating that "the flu vaccine's efficacy is not due to changes in the strains nor to the differences between the human influenza vaccine and the strains prevailing in life, But because of the difference between A (H3N2) virus, which is produced by eggs in most influenza vaccine manufacturers in the United States, and strains that are endemic in real life.

Influenza vaccine effect is how to solve?

Influenza vaccine manufacturing giants Sanofi and Sequirus Seqirus are considering alternatives to traditional vaccine production technology. Prior to Sanofi, Flublok, a flu vaccine based on recombinant protein culture, was acquired by acquiring Protein Sciences for more than $ 650 million. The birth of Cyclochs, CSL is also more than three years ago to 275 million US dollars acquisition of Novartis's global influenza business, with its subsidiary bioCSL merged to form. Seqirus became the first company to commercialize a cell-culture flu vaccine in 2017 and is producing the vaccine in North Carolina.

Although new vaccines are flooding the market, leading flu vaccine makers rely mainly on eggs for vaccine development. For a 10% flu vaccine effect, Sanofi Pasteur executives under the Sanofi Group said there is a demand of 150 million doses of influenza vaccine alone each year in the United States, and the current vaccine production with eggs is still Is the most testable way to pass the test of time and represents the way most vaccines are produced.

That flu vaccine or not choose it?

Vaccination with protein is still the main technology now, everyone can not be allergic to vaccination eggs may also be puzzled, in fact, some vaccines are cultured in the embryonic cells of eggs, and some do not contain any egg protein, and more Not to mention as long as the strict observation of low-dose vaccination, generally do not have a serious allergic reaction. Finally suggest that you carefully read the relevant taboos before vaccination.

Officials in the United States said that vaccination is better than no vaccination, even if the vaccine is ineffective. That is to say ah, better than nothing, not to mention the prevention of flu is greater than the treatment it, high season travel, in addition to the vaccine, you can also choose to monitor for their own escort flu.
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