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Functions of Losartan Potassium to Reduce Uric Acid Functions of Losartan Potassium to Reduce Uric Acid

Nowadays, many patients with elevated blood pressure have the symptoms of high uric acid. A series of studies have shown that high uric acid is associated with high blood pressure: If the level of blood uric acid increase, the systolic blood pressure increase as well; if the drug of blood uric acid is given and the blood uric acid is normal, the blood pressure will not rise. This is because: for the treatment of hypertension, medication is often used in clinic, and losartan potassium is a commonly used drug. Losartan can be used for various types of hypertension, and has protective effects on patients with hypertension, diabetes and renal insufficiency. Losartan potassium can promote the excretion of uric acid in kidney, which is beneficial to reduce hyperuricemia after the hypertensive patients take the diuretics. Clinical practice shows that its effect on adjusting the uric acid is very significant. Many patients have been stable after taking it, so this drug is well received by people.

Losartan potassium has fewer adverse reactions, and a few patients appear vertigo after taking losartan potassium tablets. Losartan potassium has no effect on blood lipid and glucose content, and it also doesn't cause orthostatic hypotension.

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