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Functione Of D- Pantothenic acidA Functione Of D- Pantothenic acidA


D-Calcium Pantothenate and pantothenic acid is no essential difference, D-Calcium Pantothenate is the alias of vitamin B5
  • An important function of pantothenic acid is to participate in the metabolic process. It is not only a carrier of two carbon units but also a coenzyme of the acetylating enzyme in the body, which is the delivery of acyl groups
  • Calcium pantothenate, as a constituent of coenzyme A, is involved in the regulation of the metabolism of proteins, sugars and fats and is an indispensable substance in the body and animal body to maintain normal physiological functions
  • Especially during the growth and development of fat synthesis and decomposition, calcium pantothenate are indispensable
  • The lack of calcium pantothenate can lead to growth retardation, nervous system disorders, reproductive dysfunction, abnormal skin hair, disorders of digestive organs, reduced adaptability and other diseases
  • Clinical calcium pantothenate mainly for the treatment of vitamin B deficiency, peripheral neuritis, postoperative angina pectoris, etc., in medicine and food and feed industry is often used as an additive
  • Although widely distributed in food, calcium pantothenate often loses 20% to 40% or even as much as 50% of the total amount of processed food, leading to a limited intake of food in our diet
  • To compensate for similar losses, calcium pantothenate is often added as one of its major components to some health products or medications (such as multi-dimensional elemental tablets) that appear on the market
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