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Brief Introduction And Efficacy Of Natural Borneo Brief Introduction And Efficacy Of Natural Borneo

Natural borneol is made from the fresh branches and leaves of camphora (L.) Presl. It is distributed in the South and southwest provinces. It has the effect of resuscitation, clearing away heat and relieving pain. It is commonly used in febrile syncope, convulsion, apoplectic phlegm syncope, qi depression and violent syncope, middle evil coma, chest arthralgia and heartache, red eyes, mouth sore, throat swelling and pain, and purulent ear canal.

Natural Borneo smells fresh and fragrant, which makes people feel relaxed and happy. It is known as plant musk. In ancient China, borneol was commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine for beauty and skincare because of its functions of clearing away heat, dispersing fire and eliminating pollution and turbidity. Among them, natural borneol was the top grade. Especially in the palace, there are many beauty recipes containing natural Borneo.

In modern times, natural Borneo is still one of the important ingredients of many daily chemical skincare products. Mainly because:

1. Antibacterial effect: borneol can inhibit or kill clinical common bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, hemolytic streptococcus B, and green Streptococcus. It also has an antibacterial effect on five common fungi such as tinea rubrum. Its mechanism of action is related to the fact that borneol can easily penetrate the cell wall of the fungus, cause its cell membrane damage, damage and change its permeability.

2. Anti inflammatory effect: borneol and allobrain, the main components of borneol, can inhibit the paw swelling of rats caused by egg white, which may be related to the inhibition of PGE and the release of inflammatory mediators.

3. Analgesic effect: the pain threshold of the animal model was 2.78 times and 6.24 times higher than that of the positive control group and the normal saline group. It is also reported that the compound preparation containing borneol is used to treat all kinds of clinical pain.

4. Transdermal promotion of drug absorption: borneol itself can be transdermal. The promotion of drug transdermal effect may lie in the expansion of subcutaneous capillaries, so as to promote the transdermal process of other drugs.

5. Promoting wound healing effect: borneol can antiseptic and generate muscle, increase granulation tissue structure and epidermal cell regeneration, and repair skin accessory organs has a strong wound-healing effect.

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