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Application notice of lenalidomide Application notice of lenalidomide

Some of the more important warning messages are listed in the instructions of lenalidomide, including ① the possible birth defects; ② there may be toxic reactions in hematology (such as neutrophil reduction and thrombocytopenia); ③ this may cause deep venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. Due to the chemical structure of the lenalidomide and thalidomide are similar, and the latter is a kind of familiar teratogenic medicines, pregnant women after taking the drug lenalidomide is also likely to lead to birth defects, and even death.

Every time a physician prescribes a lenalidomide drug to the patient, the patient should be given medication guidance, and the physician or pharmacist should take this opportunity to explain to the patient the possible risk of lenalidomide. Patients who are prepared to use the drug are advised to take two different effective contraceptives at the same time. Women who are prepared to take it should sign the informed consent form under the guidance of the doctor to show that they have known the importance of contraception when taking it. In addition, all patients with pregnancy women may also need a twice a pregnancy test before medication (a 10 to 14 days before the delivery arrangement, another arrangement before delivery within 24 hours), only two pregnancy tests are negative result is to take the drug lenalidomide.

Drug overdose

Although some patients in the study of the dose range were as high as 150mg, the dosage of the patients in the single-dose study was as high as 400mg. However, there is no experience in patients with multiple myeloma to treat the drug overdose. The dose-limiting toxicity in these studies is primarily hematological toxicity. If there is a drug overdose, support treatment is recommended.
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