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Advantages of Nifuratel in the Treatment of Vaginal Infections Advantages of Nifuratel in the Treatment of Vaginal Infections

Conventional method for treating vaginal infections:

1. There are few varieties of drugs, which mainly include metronidazole, tinidazole, clotrimazole and dycinine.

2. Drug varieties have been aging, and the above drugs are old drugs, showing resistance to varying degrees.

3. The incidence of adverse reactions is high, and it has many side effects and its scope of use is limited.

4. There is almost no comprehensive drug for broad-spectrum disease resistance. The existing drugs are only effective against one or several pathogens.

Summary of the characteristics of nifuratel:

1. Nifuratel nystatin can be broad-spectrum antibacterial and has a good effect on mixed infection.

2. Nifuratel powder can protect the lactic acid bacillus and maintains the vaginal environment.

3. It can be used for men's treatment to effectively prevent reinfection.

4. It is suitable for unmarried women to use during the period of menstruation.

5. It is not drug-fast, and after years of clinical use at home and abroad, there is still no bacterial strain which has resistance to nifuratel.

6. It has fewer adverse reactions,and no teratogenic and mutagenic effects. Pregnant women can also use it.

7. It is an oral dosage form, which is convenient for patients to take.
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