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Intermediate Intermediate
The so-called pharmaceutical intermediates, in fact are some chemical raw material or chemical products used in the process of pharmaceutical synthesis. This chemical product, which does not require the production license of the drug, can be produced in the ordinary chemical plant, so long as it reaches some level, it can be used for the synthesis of drugs. Intermediates are composed of cyclic compounds such as benzene, naphthalene, and anthracene, which are the reactions of sulfonation, alkali fusion, nitrification, reduction and so on. For example, benzene is nitrated into nitrobenzene and then reduced to aniline, aniline can be chemically processed into dyes, drugs, sulfide accelerators and so on. Both nitrobenzene and aniline are intermediates. They are also the reaction of non-cyclic compounds such as methane, acetylene, propylene, butane, and butylene, etc, which are produced by dehydrogenation, polymerization, halogenation, hydrolysis and so on. For example, butane or butylene are dehydrogenation to be butadiene, then butadiene can be chemically processed into synthetic rubber and synthetic fibers. Butadiene is intermediate.
  • Rosuvastatin Calcium Intermediates 917805-74-4

    Basic information of Rosuvastatin tert-butylamine salt :NameRosuvastatin tert-butylamine saltAlias RSA tert-butylamine saltCAS NO.917805-74-4MolecularFormulaC26H39FN4O6SStandardEPQuality:99% up HPLC, ... Rosuvastatin Calcium Intermediates 917805-74-4
  • Sartan Intermediate 7148-03-0/114772-34-8/114772-54-2/124750-51-2

    Basic information:CAS No. of key intermediates:124750-51-2144690-92-680841-78-7144689-93-0 EINECS No.:422-310-9Type: Pharmaceutical IntermediatesPurity:99.0%Application: Pharmaceutical IntermediatesAp... Sartan Intermediate 7148-03-0/114772-34-8/114772-54-2/124750-51-2
  • Valsartan Intermediate 6306-52-1

    1. Basic information of valsartan intermediates: CAS No.of key intermediates:936623-90-4ASSAY(HPLC):C24H29N5O3 46.2%~49.2% C24H29N1O5 43.5%~46.5% Sodium... Valsartan Intermediate 6306-52-1
  • Olmesartan Intermediate 124750-51-2/144690-92-6/80841-78-7/144689-93-0

    Basic information:CAS No. of key intermediates:124750-51-2144690-92-680841-78-7144689-93-0NAME OF PRODUCT:N-triphenylmethyl-5-(4'-bromomethylobiphenyl-2-yl)-1H-tetrazole MF:Grade Standard: Medicine Gr... Olmesartan Intermediate 124750-51-2/144690-92-6/80841-78-7/144689-93-0
  • Rosuvastatin Methyl Ester 147118-40-9 

    Rosuvastatin Calcium intermediateBasic information of Rosuvastatin Calcium intermediate :NameRosuvastatin Calcium intermediateCAS No. of key intermediates :147118-40-9Molecular FormulaC23H30FN3O6SMol... Rosuvastatin Methyl Ester 147118-40-9 
  • Rosuvastatin T-Butyl Amine Salt 917805-74-4

    Basic informationCAS No. of key intermediates: 917805-74-4Other Names: RSA tert-butylamine saltMF: C26H39FN4O6SPurity: 99%up by HPLCAppearance: White to off-white powder, White to off-white powderSing... Rosuvastatin T-Butyl Amine Salt 917805-74-4
  • Rosuvastatin Ethyl Ester 851443-04-4

    Basic informationEnglish name: Rosuvastatin ethyl esterMolecular Formula:C24H32FN3O6SMolecular Weight:509.5908CAS Registry Number:851443-04-4Quality:BP/EP/USPDensity:1.294g/cm3Boiling point:699.1°C a... Rosuvastatin Ethyl Ester 851443-04-4
  • Tert-Butyl Pitavastatin 586966-54-3

    Basic information:CAS No. of key intermediates: 586966-54-3 Product name: Pitavastatin intermediate PB5Other Names: Pitavastatin tert-Butyl EsterMF: C29H32FNO4Purity: 99.0%minAppearance: White Powde... Tert-Butyl Pitavastatin 586966-54-3
  • Aripiprazole Intermediates 129722-34-5

    Basic informationCAS No. of intermediates: 129722-34-5Other Names: 7-(4-Bromobutoxy)-3,4-dihydro-2(1H)-quinolinoneMF: C13H16BrNO2MW: 298.18Melting point: 110-111°CPurity: 99.0%minApplication: Pharm I... Aripiprazole Intermediates 129722-34-5
  • Bortezomib Intermediates

    Basic informationCAS No. of key intermediates:179324-87-9Other Names: (R)-BoroLeu-(+)-Pinanediol-CF3COOHMF: C15H28BNO2.C2HF3O2Purity:99.0%minAppearance: White crystalline powder, White crystalline pow... Bortezomib Intermediates
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