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Lenalidomide - Pregnancy Warning Lenalidomide - Pregnancy Warning

Lenalidomide powder (CAS:191732-72-6) is chemical analogue of thalidomide, of which structure is similar to thalidomide. It is well known that thalidomide is a kind of active substance that has teratogenic effects on humans and can cause severe life-threatening birth defects. As for monkeys, the deformity induced by lenalidomide is similar to that of thalidomide. If you take lenalidomide (CAS:191732-72-6) during pregnancy, teratogenic effect may be caused.

In order to maximize reduce the risks from taking this product, especially fetal exposure, the doctors are only allowed to write a prescription about this product if they can follow strictly the risk management plans (RMP) for the women's pregnancy prevention project.

There are following mandatory requirements about the risk management plan (RMP):
  1. Training information for prescription doctors and patients
  2. The controlled drug delivery systems
  3. Celgene's follow-up evaluation for RMP effectiveness
The risk management plan divides the patients who take the product into different risk groups:
  1. the women who are possible to get pregnant (WCBP)
  2. the women who are not possible to get pregnant
  3. male
In order to maximize reduce the risks of pregnancy during taking this product, there are different requirements for the person in each different risk group.

All patients are required to perform Celgene's risk management program (RMP) to prevent pregnancy unless there is reliable evidence that the patient is not possible to get pregnant.

The judgement criteria for women who are not possible to get pregnant
The following women are considered to be impossible to get pregnant and may not need to have a pregnancy test or receive contraceptive advice.
  1. The women who have accepted hysterectomy and bilateral oophorectomy.
  2. The women who have naturally postmenopausal (but the women are possible to get pregnant, who have amenorrhea after cancer treatment) at least 24 consecutive months (i.e., there is no any menstrual period before this 24 consecutive months).
If the attending doctor is not sure whether a female patient meets the criteria, she/he is advised to consult a gynecologist.

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