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Pharmaceutical Polypeptide Pharmaceutical Polypeptide

Polypeptide antibiotics are extracted from the culture solution of bacillus polysticus or bacillus spore bacillus. With the development of the biotechnology, polypeptides are becoming more and more widely used as drugs in clinical practice, and the corresponding studies of pharmaceutics have been more noticed. Compared with the traditional small molecular organic drugs, the peptide has a poorer stability. This article introduces the research situation of polypeptide drug preparations from three aspects of the stability, slow release system, and non-injection way. Polypeptide antibiotics have the characteristic of polypeptide structures, including polymyxin (polymyxin B, polymyxin E), bacilli peptide (bacilli peptide, short bacilli peptide) and vancomycin. The peptide drugs have good stability, controlled release, and non-injection route. The development of biotechnology allows peptides widely applied in clinical practice. The most common peptides are oligopeptide acetate, goserelin acetate, and acetaldehyde acetate. Our company offers a quality assurance and great price advantage in these crude drugs.
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