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Auxiliaries And Other Medical Chemicals Auxiliaries And Other Medical Chemicals

Pharmaceutic adjuvants are the excipients and additives used in the production of drugs and the formulation of prescriptions; In addition to active ingredients, their safety has been assessed in a reasonable way, as well as the substance contained in drug preparations. On top of forming excipients, acting as carriers and improving stability, the pharmaceutical auxiliary materials also have important functions such as speeding solubilization and slowing release, which may affect the quality, safety and effectiveness of drugs. Their classifications are various. According to their functions, they can be divided as follows: cosmetics raw materials, such as Guaracheitis, lactobionic acid, azelaic acid, natural pomegranate oil, sodium hyaluronate, copper peptide, palmitoyl peptone, Acrylorelin (hexapeptide), Matrixyl 3000 and the like; plant extracts such as soybean extract, stevia extract; pharmaceutical intermediates such as p-hydroxybenzyl alcohol and the like. Our company offers a quality assurance and great price advantage in these crude drugs.
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