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Antineoplastic Agents Antineoplastic Agents

Antineoplastic Agents are a class of drugs to treat tumor diseases. In the recent years, the development of molecular oncology and molecular pharmacology has gradually clarified the nature of tumors. The invention and application of advanced technologies such as large-scale rapid screening, combinatorial chemistry, and genetic engineering have accelerated the process of drug development. The research and development of antitumor drugs have entered a new era.

Nowadays, the development strategies of anti-tumor drugs are as follows:
  • Solid tumors of 90% malignant tumors as the main targets; 
  • looking for active ingredients from natural products; 
  • to find new molecular targets (enzymes, receptors, genes, etc.) for the mechanism of tumor development; 
  • high-through put screening; 
  • the import and application of new technology: the combinatorial chemistry, structural biology, computer aided design, genetic engineering, DNA chip, pharmacogenomics (such as functional genomics and union of pharmacology). 
At present, the common international clinical drugs are about 80 kinds of anti-tumor drugs, which can be roughly divided into the following six classes: cytotoxic drugs, hormone drugs, biological response regulator, monoclonal antibody drugs, other drugs, the adjuvant.

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