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What Are the Effects of Reduced Glutathione Tablets? What Are the Effects of Reduced Glutathione Tablets?

Reduced glutathione tablets are suitable for liver protection of chronic hepatitis B. The component glutathione is a tripeptide compound containing a thiol group (SH). It has important physiological activities such as activating redox system, activating SH enzyme, and detoxification in the human body.

Reduced glutathione tablets are commonly used liver-protecting drugs, and their liver protection effects are good. So, what is the role of reduced glutathione tablets in the human body? What is the role in the liver in particular?

Reduced glutathione tablets can be used for liver protection of chronic hepatitis B, and can also be used for various liver diseases. It has a positive effect on alcoholic liver disease and toxic liver disease (including anticancer drugs, antituberculosis drugs, psychotropic drugs, antidepressants, acetaminophens and Chinese medicines). It also has effects on improving symptoms, signs and restoring liver function in chronic active forms of infectious liver disease (type B virus, hepatitis C virus).

Glutathione is an important component of the body for scavenging reactive metabolites and plays an important role in maintaining cell structural integrity and functional stability. The reactive metabolites produced in the liver exert their hepatotoxic effects on the basis of the consumption of intracellular glutathione.

Therefore, exogenous supplemental reduced glutathione can enhance the detoxification function of hepatocytes, promote the repair and regeneration of damaged hepatocytes, prevent cholestasis, promote the regression of jaundice and recover liver function.

The reduced glutathione sheet is composed of glutamic acid, cysteine, and glacial acid, and contains a thiol group (-SH).

1. After the reduced glutathione sheet enters the human body, the H2O2 produced in the reduced cells becomes H2O under the catalysis of glutathione peroxidase. It antagonizes peroxides and reactive oxygen species to prevent the destruction of hepatocytes by peroxides and to maintain the reductive state of hepatocyte membranes through antioxidant functions. It protects -SH from oxidation in protein molecules, maintains protein and enzyme bioactivity, and protects liver cells.

2. Reduced glutathione tablets-SH can combine with free radicals and electrophilic groups to stabilize the liver cell membrane, thereby promoting liver function, protecting liver cell membrane, promoting liver enzyme activity, and promoting liver detoxification and synthesis.

3. Reduced glutathione is involved in the formation of a variety of exogenous, endogenous toxic substances to form attenuated substances.

As a supplement of human GSH, the reduced glutathione tablets can prevent, alleviate, stop, damage tissue cells, change pathophysiological processes, and have better liver protection effects.

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