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Diet pills is a kind of drug that owns slimming effect. Such products include:

1. Inhibition of intestinal lipase: only acting on the gastrointestinal tract, by inhibiting the gastrointestinal tract lipase, preventing the hydrolysis of triacylglycerols from freeing fatty acids and monoacylglycerol, reducing the intestinal mucosa on the dietary fat (triglyceride ) Absorption, and helping to exclude fat from the body. Lipase is an enzyme necessary for the breakdown of fat in the gastrointestinal tract. Such as Orlistat, non-acting on the central nervous system of obesity treatment drugs. This product can inactivate lipase by combining the serine residue of gastric with pancreatic lipase, making it cannot decompose the fat in food into free fatty acids, inhibiting the use and absorption of fat. In addition, the product can reduce the risk of obesity disease-related factors.

2. Appetite suppressants: mainly amphetamines. It works through the excitement of the central nervous system, resulting in anorexia and medication loss of appetite, making it easy to accept diet control. At the same time, due to its excitement, the sleep reduces and consumption increases, leading to weight loss. There are more varieties of such kind of drug as fenfluramine and so on.

3. Hormones (also known as metabolic stimulants): mainly regarding thyroxine as the representative, it can improve the body's metabolism, increase fat decomposition, consumption and thereby reducing body weight.

4. Biguanide hypoglycemic agents: They act on the increasing of the anaerobic glycolysis of muscle tissue, increasing the use of glucose and reducing of its absorption in the intestine, thereby reducing blood sugar. In the treatment of diabetes by using this kind of drugs, it often causes anorexia and loss of weight, which can be used for the treatment of weight loss.

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