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Are You still Using LaMer to Resist Aging? Chinese Scientists Invent the World's First "Elixir of Im Are You still Using LaMer to Resist Aging? Chinese Scientists Invent the World

Recently, Daily Mail published a world-shaking news that UNSW researchers in Australia have finally created an "ageless drug" for which Professor Sinclair has been working for ten years. As a scientist, he has found a common law of disease - most diseases are caused by aging of the body!

It is reported that they have found a substance called nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) from fruits and vegetables, which can help repair DNA damaged by aging and radiation, increase the level of mammalian coenzyme (NAD) molecules and repair cell communication networks. This remarkable new anti-aging technology can make people live to 150 years old!

It is understood that the drug was developed by David Sinclair, a professor at Harvard University, and Dr Lindsay Wu, a professor of Chinese descent, and other UNSW researchers. Now they have done experiments in mice. They injected nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) into 22-month-old mice twice a day for a week. A week later, scientists tested that muscle atrophy in older mice decreased significantly, and multiple indicators in mice were similar to those in 6-month-old mice. These mice injected with NMN not only ran as fast as young mice, but also lived 20% longer than normal mice.

Not only that, David Sinclair and Dr Lindsay Wu personally participated in the drug test. Before taking the drug, David Sinclair assessed his physical condition. He was 49 years old, but his physical age was 57 years old because of the irregular experiment and work. But after taking the medicine, his physical condition began to recover to younger and more energetic visible to the naked eye.

Lindsay Wu, a Chinese-American scientist, said: "This is the safest and most effective anti-aging drug we have found so far. It can help everyone delay aging and keep healthy. It also has the potential to overcome the terrible side effects of cancer radiotherapy and chemotherapy. If clinical trials are successful, it will be available in three to five years."

Australia is the world's most stringent drug regulator. The development of this new drug requires a government-approved phase 1/2/3 clinical trial.

In addition, human trials from small scale to large scale should be conducted to test the clinical reactions of drugs, such as toxicity, safety, drug metabolism, all-round impact on human body and so on.

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