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The Effect of Reduced Glutathione The Effect of Reduced Glutathione

Reduced glutathione tablets are suitable for liver protection of chronic hepatitis B. The component glutathione is a tripeptide compound containing a sulfhydryl group (SH), and has an active redox system in the human body, and activates an important physiological activity such as an SH enzyme and a detoxification action.

Reduced glutathione
is divided into two preparations, one is oral for tablets, and the other is for intravenous use. Its efficacy is mainly used in the following five situations. The first is chemotherapy patients, such as chemotherapy with cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, erythromycin, bleomycin, especially those used in high-dose chemotherapy. The second is the use of radiation therapy patients. The third is the use of various hypoxemia, acute anemia, adult respiratory distress syndrome and sepsis. The fourth is also widely used in our liver disease department. It is suitable for liver damage caused by toxicity including viral, drug toxicity, alcohol toxicity and other chemicals. The fifth case can be used for such adjuvant treatment of organophosphorus, amino or nitro compound poisoning.

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