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Purification Method of Mupirocin Purification Method of Mupirocin

Mupirocin is highly favored because of no cross-resistance with other antibiotics. The demand for mupirocin is large in the world. At present, the demand in the market is about 13 tons at home and abroad, and will continue to increase. Therefore, the development of the raw material for mupirocin has a very broad market prospect. But because of its high production difficulty, for many years, the raw materials of mupirocin were exclusively produced by SK company. At present, the Bactroban ointment, produced by the mupirocin, has been transferred to the market for non-prescription drugs, which further promotes the demand for mupirocin. The American patent (4222942) involves a method of separating the mupirocin, which decreased the PH of the aqueous solution by extracting the solution of the rough product of the mupirocin preparation in a water-immiscible organic solvent and extracts the solution with an undissolved organic solvent in polar water. Then add the full nonpolar diluent to reduce the polarity of the polar organic solvent. While the diluent is miscible with the polar organic solvent so as to affect the crystallization of Moir. The patent involves many steps, it has low yield, high solvent consumption, and high cost. The American patent (6254921) has disclosed a method for separating the mupirocin, which includes a medium that uses chlorinated fatty hydrocarbons or isobutyl acetate to extract acidification, so as to obtain a extract containing the mupirocin, and to purify the mupirocin from the extract by the distribution of the extract between the water and the organic phase. It contains at least one organic solvent for evaporation. The patent organic solvent is used in a large quantity and the purity of the product is low.

The patent applied by the Danish Alfama Share Ltd (application No. 200680005554.4) has disclosed a method for purification of the mupirocin, which includes triggering or making the mupirocin precipitate from its aqueous solution; reclaiming sediment; dissolving the recovered precipitates in organic solvents. The patent product has low yield and low purity. The above methods have many steps of extraction, a large amount of organic solvent, low yield and low purity. It is difficult to meet the needs of the industrialization of the mupirocin. Under this background, Wang Peng and Cong Qianqian (Beijing Ren Feng Science and Technology Co., Ltd.) used the structural characteristics of mupirocin to extract and adjust the pH value by compound solvent and adjust the small molecules in the fermentation broth. Through nanofiltration, ion exchange, column chromatography, and recrystallization, the purification of mupirocin was completed. It provides certain technical support for the production technology of mupirocin in China and improves the level of industry.

Purification Method of Mupirocin
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