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Eli Lilly Started 5 Alzheimer's Disease Projects Eli Lilly Started 5 Alzheimer

Last year, a widely publicized Alzheimer's disease (AD) new drug,  Solanezumab from Eli Lilly, has fell in clinical trials, but it did not influence Eli Lilly's determination to research and develpop AD new drugs. At the BIO conference, Daniel Skovronsky, President of Eli Lilly's research laboratory, reiterated that Eli Lilly would continue to develop effective new therapies for AD. The industry analysis shows that Eli Lilly is currently developing 5 new therapies for AD. These new therapies include BACE inhibitors, new drugs targeting amyloid beta and Tau proteins.

Eli Lilly has a new researching drug lanabecestat in the late stage of research and development. The new drug is a class of BACE inhibitors, which is jointly developed with AstraZeneca. The data of this new drug in phase 2/3 clinical trials will be published next year. In addition, another BACE inhibitor, LY3202626, will also be announced the results of phase 2 clinical trials next year.

the molecular structure of lanabecestat
▲The molecular structure of Lanabecestat

Eli Lilly currently has two new researching drugs for the classic beta amyloid protein. LY3002813 binds to amyloid beta peptide pGlu-Abeta, which is very common in Alzheimer's disease patients. Similarly, MEDI1814, Eli Lilly got the license from AstraZeneca, can combine with Abeta 42. This is a more toxic sedimentary component than soluble Abeta 40. It is worthy to mention that this new drug has the potential to form synergistic effects with BACE inhibitors. Currently, they are all in a phase 1 clinical trial.

In the field of Alzheimer's disease, Tau protein is another potential cause. Studies have shown that inhibition of Tau protein in brain cells can delay the progression of disease. Eli Lilly has a new drug, LY3303560, which was expected to help patients with Alzheimer's disease from this perspective. At present, the drug is still under the early stages of development. At this year's Global Conference on Alzheimer's disease, researchers have released their preclinical data.

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