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Application of Hexamidine Diisethionate in Daily Chemicals Application of Hexamidine Diisethionate in Daily Chemicals

Hexamidine diisethionate (hexamidine diisethionate) is a kind of white powder. Its chemical formula is c22h32n4o6s, molecular weight is 606.709, CAS number is 659-40-5.

Hexamidine diisethionate is a kind of water-soluble, broad-spectrum cationic substance which can resist all kinds of gram-positive and negative bacteria, as well as all kinds of moulds and yeasts. It has a good anti killing effect on all kinds of microorganisms. In particular, it has strong inhibition and killing effect on Pityrosporum ovatum which causes scalp lesions and dandruff and Propionibacterium which causes acne. The main functions of hexamidine diisethionate are:

Dandruff and antipruritic. Compared with traditional dandruff remover:

1.Results showed that 0.02% - 0.05% had an obvious effect of removing scurf and 0.01% - 0.02% had an obvious effect of relieving itch.

2. Easy to use: water-soluble, no settling, no need of suspension;

3 no discolouration;

4.It is very safe and gentle, even no stimulation to eyes, and can also be stored on skin and scalp.

5 in addition to the traditional chip removal shampoo, it can be used for transparent shampoo, hair care products, spray type, etc.

6. It will not affect the reduction and change of hand feeling of shampoo, and long-term use will not affect hair quality.

2 acne removing formula

It has a good killing effect on Propionibacterium acne and a good inhibiting effect on lipase of Propionibacterium acne. It is especially suitable for acne products, and it is the first choice for water and acne products. The dosage is 0.08-0.1%.

3. Deodorant products and antiperspirant formula

4 preservatives:

Broad-spectrum antibacterial and bactericidal properties applied to preservatives, 0.01-0.08% added

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